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 Coonhound Bloodlines, April, 2015 Article (UNEDITED)


Vicki Rand and Laura Bell, with Coonhound Bloodlines, asked me to share my history with B&T's.  Thank you, Vicki and Laura!   I wrote an article and after some editing, the following article was published in the April, 2015 issue of Coonhound Bloodlines.  Click on the image below to read it.


If you would like to read the UNEDITED article I first sent to CB, then click HERE.  

I usually start young dogs from mine and other select crosses and sell them.  If you are good at taking a well started dog and taking it to the next level, I would like to get one in your hands.   Right now I am between projects.  I have kept Battie longer than I keep most and she has started what will h opefully be a long winning career.  I will keep a pup from Timber x Daze, to start. 

GrNtCh Hoss' Smokin Lizzy died in her sleep 11/24/13 at 14 years of age and GrNtCh Blackwater Ruby Too was put down 11/11/14 at 12 years of age.  These 2 females represented daughters of  Ruby, and the passing of a generation.

Click here to see the Results of our Efforts.   This is a list of dogs we have had a hand in.  It may not be as many as some but we've never kept more than 4-5 dogs around total, and usually just 2-3.  We aim for quality, not quantity.    


Update 8/31/17: Daze has had pups out of TN Timber, owned by Jeff Stafford.   She has 3 pups which are about 8 weeks old.  I bred to Timber because I hunted with him and liked what I saw.  He is a grandson of KS Hayes, one of the best B&T's I've ever hunted with.  Since Daze is a daughter of Hayes, this is a linebred cross, perhaps the first, on Hayes.  Like Hayes and Daze, Timber is independent, hard hunting, and a treedog.   Sorry to those who wanted a pup and I wasn't able to provide.  Below is the 2 males from the litter, at 7 weeks of age.

3/23/17:  The picture above is Battie on the left and Daze on the right, with a coon.  Daze hadn't been out of the pen for a couple months but her and Battie got under 3 quick singles in about 25 minutes.

Daze, hunting alone, with 3 coons treed, 1/8/16

 GrNtCh 'PR' Blackwater Daze HTX

-Quick Strike, Great locating, TREEdog

-can throw an all Grand Nite Pedigree 

-both parents and all grandparents on, or have been on, the TRL

-finished to NtCh with three 1st place wins in 3 consecutive hunts

-Queen of Hunt at Missouri Coonhunters Federation Double Points Hunt

-qualified for 2012 UKC World Hunt by placing 1st at Clinton, MO RQE.

-qualified for 2014 UKC World Hunt by placing 5th at Marshall, MO RQE.

-UKC 2012 World Hunt, Fri night cast winner at Zones with 275+

-Had her first litter of pups, July/2013 out of GrNtCh Smokey 7; 2nd litter born in April/2015 from Batman; 3rd litter born June/2016 from Solo.  4th litter born July/2017 from TN Timber.

-3 HTX Passes in 4 HTX's entered.  6 coons treed, 1 slick tree and one fault total.

Lula Bye, treed with Battie, 5 mos. old

Battie, hunting alone, treed on a big hollow Sycamore, 1/14/16.  8 mos. old.

'PR' Blackwater Lula Bye

Lula is now owned by Gabe Kulus

(GrNtCh Bad Company Ridein Solo x GrNtCh Blackwater Daze)

-Born 6/11/16

-Houndy pup, nice mouth, SMART

-treed her first night in the woods, 5 mos. old.


NtCh 'PR' Blackwater Bat Crazy

(GrNtCh KY River Batman x GrNtCh Blackwater Daze)

-Born April, 2015

-HIGH ENERGY, started quick and natural.

-Independent and coon minded.

-Two 2nd place wins and one 1st place win to make NtCh

-PKC money winner